SUN and BASS 2023: PIX & MORE (PT 1)

Wow! The Turnstyle crew just survived the Olympics of Raving, otherwise known as the Sun and Bass Music Festival in San Teodoro, Sardegna, Italy. It was a drum & bass holiday with well… so much drum & bass!! The day starts at 3 PM with a beach party at La Cinta, followed by a day event at either Bal Harbour or Ambra Day (city center) at 7PM. At 11:30 PM, the trek up the slight hill to Ambra night begin to put it all in perspective. A two area party going til 5 AM with the continuation of a who’s who of drum and bass. Stellar doesn’t even begin to describe it. And that’s just the music!! We made it five days this time, but will def not be missing any days next year! Big ups to everyone who helped get us there, vibed out with us, and made so many fun memories on the dancefloors (and beach!). (PIC Drop #1 – so many pictures and video.. check back.)