Turnstyle Goes to La La Land

Snaps and vibes from a recent trip across the country. Hit Disneyland, checked out Respect, played on Reid Speed & Alex Rosson’s Twitch show – The Bass Station, also met Jen Symmetry there too! #girlpower. We also scoped out a three room multi genre party – True Love. Some fantastic art inside was witnessed. Hit […]

Interview: AGENT 137 (NYC)

I am so thrilled to kick off 2024 with a feature interview from one of my favorite East Coast DJ’s! It’s Driven AM’s Kelly Ross! Otherwise known as the amazing Agent 137 from the NYC. I got a chance to go chill and throw down a set with the Driven AM crew last year, and […]


The Electric Jungle in RVA is LIT! Ember Music Hall is the perfect place to showcase the best in drum and bass music in the heart of downtown RVA. Big thanks to the selectors who joined Joanna O. and J Split on the decks – 2 Tuff DC’s DJ Slant, Cadence DC’s, Seany Ranks! Everyone […]


In this episode, Bryan Davis interviews Joanna Oremland as she discusses New York, Driven AM, Dieselboy, touring, next gen bassheads, DNB breakthrough, multi-genre parties, Richmond scene, Frequency radio show (WRIR FM), “Girls Rule” feature, DJ equality, fostering community, Turnstyle record + clothing, Washington DC scene, Buzz / Georgetown, Sun & Bass (Italy), DNB Allstars Festival […]

NYC Party Pix

Hitting NYC for a weekend in mid October was definitely good idea! We hit the Saturday night DNB Radio party first. This event featured a few of our fun friends on the decks – Preethi & Dave Owen (at Dashi in BK). The DNB music and visuals were on point! Next up for the Sunday […]

PIX: The Vaults (London, Part 1)

The Leake Street tunnel can be found underground in a tunnel in Lambeth, London. It is the current home to so much vibrant street art. There is even a legit Banksy piece (behind a clear screen protector, of course). Stay tuned for more Turnstyle adventures in London snaps. Next up we hit the DNB Allstars […]


Last weekend (10/06 – 10/07) was a whirlwind of drum and bass (and birthday times!). The Turnstyle crew kicked things off with the Party Liberation Foundation (or PLF as we say here in the RVA). Our answer to burner culture provided the city with two events last weekend. They invited me to play sets at […]

SUN and BASS 2023: PIX & MORE (PT 2)

Pic drop number two features some highlights of the day and night from our time at Sun & bass 2023. Enjoy a few more snaps of the most amazing festival ever! Below: La Cinta beach party pics, some food snaps, epic dnb scenery, people in Stussy shirts (the unofficial sponsor of SNB), and our amazing […]

SUN and BASS 2023: PIX & MORE (PT 1)

Wow! The Turnstyle crew just survived the Olympics of Raving, otherwise known as the Sun and Bass Music Festival in San Teodoro, Sardegna, Italy. It was a drum & bass holiday with well… so much drum & bass!! The day starts at 3 PM with a beach party at La Cinta, followed by a day […]


It’s time for another edition of my favorite “get to know the DJ series” where I highlight some fantastic talents mixing it up proper or simply #GIRLSRULE. This time we are headed up to NYC to catch up with DJ Preethi. She’s been playing all kinds of events lately, all over NYC and beyond. We […]