Jesse Split

Jesse Oremland became DJ Jesse Split in 1995 when he picked up his first set of technic 1200’s. Having spent time in Orlando, Florida in the mid-nineties helped to inspire his love of breakbeats. Moving back to Virginia would introduce him to the early Buzz parties in Washington, DC., and fuel his love for the DC / Baltimore house sound of the time. His travels and influences would culminate into his signature sound of upbeat house and funky breakbeats. A true master of his craft and rocking dope sets for over two decades while residing in Virginia. 

Jesse was the co-owner of Turnstyle Records, alongside his wife DJ Joanna O., in Downtown Richmond and you can currently hear him on – Frequency, his Saturday night FM radio residency with WRIR 97.3FM Richmond Indie Radio. Catch him live at select special events in and around the area.