Jesse Split
Jesse Split
Jesse Split

Jesse Oremland, also known as DJ Jesse Split, launched his journey in into DJing in 1995 when he first got his hands on a set of Technics 1200s. His military service took him to Orlando, Florida for Navy Boot Camp and Nuclear Electronics Technician School, he discovered a burgeoning passion for breakbeats and electronic music. This formative experience laid the groundwork for what would become a lifelong pursuit.

Upon his return to Virginia, Jesse’s immersion in the electronic music scene deepened. He became a staple not only at the early Rave parties on the East Coast but also within the dynamic scenes of Hampton Roads, an area renowned for its unique contributions to the global music landscape. These experiences further shaped Jesse’s distinctive sound—a blend of techno, upbeat house, and funky breakbeats, enriched by the Norfolk sound that influences him to this day.

In 2003, Jesse Oremland and his partner DJ Joanna O. founded Turnstyle the music and fashion boutique in Downtown Richmond, creating a vital platform for the local music community. Jesse’s forward-thinking approach to blending genres and spearheading events has not only enriched the music landscape but also established him as a guiding force for emerging artists and the community. These enduring contributions continue to influence standards, solidifying his legacy as a pioneering figure in the world of electronic music.

His dedication to the music and arts scene is further evidenced through his significant contributions to WRIR 97.3FM Richmond Indie Radio, which launched in 2005. As the host of Frequency, his celebrated Saturday night show, Jesse shares his love for electronic music with a wider audience. His involvement with WRIR doesn’t stop there; he has served in various pivotal roles, including Chief Operator, Operations Director, Vice President, FCC Committee Chair, and President. Through these roles, Jesse has been instrumental in guiding WRIR’s direction and impact, showcasing his commitment to fostering a vibrant, inclusive music and arts culture.

Jesse’s efforts were crucial in initiating the First Fridays Artwalk, transforming Downtown Richmond into a nexus of artistic expression and community engagement. His adeptness at producing a wide array of events, from intimate club nights to expansive raves, underscores his versatility and unwavering commitment to enriching the local and broader electronic music scenes.

Leveraging his background in engineering, Jesse Oremland brought a unique skill set to the music industry, becoming known as the “Turntable Whisperer.” His technical prowess extended beyond performance, as he repaired and maintained turntables, a vital service that cemented his reputation within the DJ community. This niche expertise attracted customers from hundreds of miles away, who trusted Jesse with the care of their equipment. His ability to diagnose and fix intricate hardware problems not only showcased his engineering skills but also highlighted his dedication to supporting the music scene’s foundational tools. Jesse’s reputation as the Turntable Whisperer further illustrates his multifaceted contribution to the music community, combining his love for electronic music with his technical acumen to serve and enhance the DJing experience for others.

Jesse Oremland’s narrative is one of transformation—from a Navy Electronics Technician and Radioman to a venerated figure in electronic music and a community leader. His journey reflects a profound dedication to the craft, the community, and the diverse influences that continue to shape his distinctive sound. As DJ Jesse Split, Jesse remains a driving force in the electronic music landscape, embodying the spirit of innovation and community that defines the genre.